Reproductive Examinations

First visit

 HUF 23,000


 HUF 16,000

Short consultation

 HUF 12,000


HUF 50,000


HUF 80,000




 HUF 20,000

HBA test

HUF 25,000

DNA SCSA (Spermium DNA fragmentation

 HUF 45,000

ROS (Oxidative test of free radicals)

 HUF 40,000

Acrosomal test

 HUF 60,000
Sperm freezing for individual use (one year storage included)

 HUF 80,000

Yearly fee of further storage

 HUF 30,000



Reproductive Interventions


 HUF 10,000

Cycle monitoring (all folliculometria needed within one cycle)
HUF 40.000

Insemination (AIH, AID) 

 HUF 50,000

IVF in spontaneous cycle (oocyte retrieval, conventional fertilization, embryo culturing, embryo transfer)

 HUF 320,000

IVF-ET in stimulated cycle 

 HUF 420,000

IVF-AHA (IVF in stimulated cycle + assisted hatching)

HUF 480,000

IVF-ICSI (IVF in stimulated cycle + intracitoplasmatic sperm injection)

HUF 530.000

IVF-ICSI-AHA (IVF-ICSI + assisted hatching)

HUF 590.000

IVF-ICSI-SMART (IVF-ICSI with sperms collected from tissue by biopsy)

 HUF 640,000

FET (cycle monitors, frozen embryo release, embryo implantation)

 HUF 200,000

Fee of sample delivery

 HUF 10,000

IVF stimulation

HUF 100,000

Oocyte retrieval

 HUF 160,000

ICSI (intracytoplasmatic sperm injction)

 HUF 110,000

AHA (assisted hatching)

 HUF 60,000

Embrio culturing

 HUF 60,000

Blastocyte culturing (five days long)

 HUF 80,000

Embryo tranfer

 HUF 100,000

Vitrification (2 embryos/holder) 

 HUF 45,000

Yearly fee of freezed embryo storage indipendently from the number of embryos

HUF 35,000

FET cycle monitors

 HUF 45,000

Embryo thawing (thawing of freezed embryos) 

 HUF 75,000


Gynecological Tests

Gynecological examination

 HUF 20,000

Short/controll examination   

 HUF 12,000

Insertion of IUD (does not include the price of the device )

 HUF 26,000

Pregnancy care

 HUF 20,000


 HUF 4,000

Culturing (bacteria + fungus)

 HUF 7,000

STD (CHL, UPL/MPL/Trich/Nei/Gard/+ smear) 

 HUF 20,000

HPV testing

 HUF 8,000

Common laboratory tests - fertility ambulance

3rd day hormones (FSH, LH, estradiol, AMH, TSH)

 HUF 18,000

21st day hormones (progesterone, testosterone, prolactin)

 HUF 20,000

Women's HIV Panel (HIV 1.2, HBsAg, Hepatitis C, Treponema, Rubella IgM / IgG, Toxoplasma IgM / IgG)

 HUF 25,000

Male HIV panel (HIV 1.2, HBsAg, Hepatitis C, Treponema)

 HUF 16,000

Blood type + antibody screening      

 HUF 12,000

Inzulin resistence screeining (TSH/FT4/aTPO)

HUF 9,000

We maintain the right to change prices.

For services provided, we will apply the price that is in effect on the day of the order given, or the day when the contract is made.


Meaning of Abbreviations in the Price List

US: ultrasound

hycosy: tubal patency test

spermiogram: semen test

STD: the testing of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

HBA test: hyaluronan binding assay

HaloSperm: information about the integrity of the DNA inside the sperm head

OciSperm: detection of reactive oxygen triads impairing semen

acrosome reaction test: testing the fusion of the acrosome in the sperm head with an egg

AIH: homologous insemination with husband's/partner's sperm

AID: heterologous insemination with donor's sperm

IVF: in vitro fertilization

ET: embryo transfer, i.e. implantation of the embryo

ICSI: intracytoplasmic sperm injection, i.e. the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg using micromanipulation techniques

AHA: assisted hatching, i.e. to assist the hatching of the embryo from the zona pellucida

SMART: fertilization of the mature egg by a sperm extracted from the testicular tissue during testicular biopsy

puncture: extraction of egg

FET: frozen embryo transfer

Blastocyst: an embryo that has developed for five days after fertilization and has 2 distinct cell types and a central cavity filled with fluid

cytology: cervical cancer screening

HPV: human papilloma virus

CTG: monitoring of both the fetal heart and the contractions of the uterus with the use of a cardiograph